Christmas is Coming

25th November 2021

Christmas is a magical time of year for most of us and we want to make sure that magic is shared with those experiencing food poverty.  Our preparations are well under way to bring some Christmas cheer to the households we will be supporting over the festive period.

All year we have been collecting items to put into a Christmas Food Parcel that will be distributed to all households referred to us in the run up to the 25th.  Everyone will have food to contribute towards a celebratory meal on Christmas Day, with those extra little treats we all enjoy, like these chocolate oranges transformed by one of our volunteers.

We have an army of MCFB “elves” preparing the bags, and there is still time to add to the gift of magic, donations of mince pies, christmas puddings, tubes of snacks, stuffing, ready mixed brandy sauce or custard and even a couple of crackers make such a difference.

As ever none of this would be possible without the donations we receive from you, or the hours of time our volunteers give – Thank you all.

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